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For larger solutions or where adequate roof-space is not available, ground mount structures are a cost effective solution, which can be designed to also offer additional benefits such as providing shaded parking for customers and employees when using carport structures for your solar array. 

Ground mount solar PV solutions can either be  Grid-tied, or be coupled with a Battery Energy Storage Solution (BESS) for risk avoidance benefits. Our engineered ground mount solutions are built to optimise the energy production from the solution thus resulting in maximum long-term cost savings. 

Our in-house team of qualified engineers enable us to deliver full turnkey solutions to customers including engineering design, procurement, construction (EPC), monitoring and after sales management of the solution. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent project management and customer service through a highly skilled and dedicated team of support staff. Compliance with all legislative requirements is ensured through continued engagement with local authorities, regulatory bodies and active involvement in industry bodies.

Solareff’s established track record, with multiple solutions installed for customers, is testament to our commitment to service excellence, innovation and cost competitiveness. We are proud to be supporting our clients and helping them mitigate the impact of rising electricity costs and to achieve their sustainability targets.

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