Future Focused Energy

During the past year alone, Solareff Solar
PV Plants have produced enough
electricity to power an Electric Vehicle for

140 000

Tonnes of coal
not burnt

190 917

Tonnes of CO2
emissions avoided

2 985

Less coal trucks
on the road


Litres of
water saved

Solareff combines expertise, technology and resources to provide seamless energy solutions industry.

With a proven track record.

We have solutions for a
wide range of industries

Commercial and Industrial

Maximse the value of your assets – install a solar PV solution on your unused roof-space and generate cost-effective power for your facility


Our solar PV solutions are ideal for sustainable agricultural business practices, helping to preserve the surrounding pristine natural environment

Ground Mount & Mining

Ground mount expertise enables us to deliver highly optimised solutions, engineered to suit the unique requirements of your site, ensuring maximum efficiency and performance

Invest in a sustainable and
reliable green energy solution
for your business