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At Solareff we are extremely cognisant of the fact that our clients invest significant capital into the construction of a solar PV solution at their facility, and they want to see the returns on their investment reflecting on their electricity bill. In order to deliver on the returns that we promise, the system needs to be properly monitored and taken care of.

Post installation, our Operations and Maintenance team utilise online monitoring tools to pro-actively manage the solution, ensuring early fault detection and correction for ongoing optimal power generation. Regular preventative maintenance is conducted through physical system checks and periodical cleaning of the Solar PV modules, ensuring peace of mind for all our clients.

As part of our O&M offering, our clients receive monthly reports detailing the cost savings of their PV system both from a pure energy and maximum demand savings point of view. Within the first year of the system’s life, Solareff will look after the plant in its entirety on client’s behalf as part of the cost of the system (invoiced separately) and after the first year we discuss the O&M contract going forward our clients. The Solareff O&M team are currently conducting full maintenance for over 140 plants as well as active monitoring and reporting on a further 30 sites.

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