Green Mobility

Our investment enabled GridCars to reach the critical mass and scalability required to lead the industry and roll out a network of EV charging stations across the country which will be the enabler of a carbon-free transport system for South Africa.

Solareff is proud to include green mobility in our client offering through the acquisition of a 75% stake in GridCars – a South African based developer of electric vehicle charge point software management systems and supplier of charge points who has since grown from a start-up business to becoming the South African industry leader in electric vehicle (EV) charging. EV charge points powered by a solar PV system are an exciting, environmentally-friendly differentiating factor for your buildings!

At the end of 2018 GridCars, in partnership with Jaguar, established the foundation for the future of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles in South Africa through the deployment of 82 public charging stations nationwide. Since then, through partnerships with various players in the industry, including OEMs, GridCars has effectively grown the national charge point network.

Their most recent partnership with Audi includes four 150kW DC super-charging stations as part of a national roll-out of 70 new EV charge connectors across 33 sites. GridCars’ extensive national network of EV DC fast chargers has been a game changer for EV drivers, making long-distance travel possible within South Africa. This expertise positions GridCars at the forefront of the electronic transportation sector within the nation.

GridCars currently operates over 350 AC + DC fast charging stations in South Africa, accounting for over 70% of the total number of publicly operated charging stations in South Africa. GridCars’ mission is to continually increase the number of charging operation stations in South Africa to drive the green electric vehicle revolution. GridCars have successfully integrated their extensive charging network with Google Maps – making them the first EV charging stations in Africa to be included on the Google Maps platform.